What is AMF ORBITREAD System?

In AMF Orbitread System, the machine with AMF 800 series extrudes the tread rubber on the tire by using Injection System. Since there is one single tread as a result of this System, such problems as belt separation and balance are prevented.


Since the tire retreaded with AMF Orbitread System is not pressed with high temperature under pressure, no deformation occurs on carcass cables. For this reason, it can be retreaded for many times.


In AMF Orbitread System, the tire on which the tread rubber has been extruded is put into closed-system autoclave in order to make it ready for grooving process under appropriate heat and air pressure.


In AMF Orbitread System, by using tread shaper machine of AMF 800 series in the grooving process, any desired figure and tread depth ( according to the capacity of tire’s durability) can completely be given automatically, without any manpower.


The tire retreaded with AMF Orbitread System not only performs as well as a new tire, but also has a longer life span than a new tire since it has more tread depth.

KAVI TIRE Company not only sells new, used and retreaded TIREs but also retreads the TIREs sent by the customers all over Turkey and from several countries such as Portugal, South Africa and Australia.

Why retreading? The reason for retreading is quite easy. MONEY. Retreading is a means for saving. The reason is that it is much cheaper to retread a worn-out TIRE than replacing it with a new one. For instance, it does not make any sense to throw away a TIRE for which you have paid a good amount of money when there is a 15 or 20% of abrasion and 80% of it is still new. The reliability and safety of a TIRE that has been retreaded for many years is at the same level with the new ones. KAVI retreads the TIREs for heavy construction equipments (OTR) from size 25” to 63” by using


P 58.80-63 P 3300-51  
P 56.80-63 P 3000-51  
P 55.80-63 P 45.65/45  
P 53.80-63 P 45.65/39  
P 55.80-57 P 41.25-70/39  
P 50.90-57 P 37.25/35  
P 50.80-57 P 33.25/35  
P 44.80/57 P 35.65/33  
P 4000-57 P 2700-49  
P 3700-57 P 2400-49  
P 3600-51 P 2400-35  


1. COMING TIRES The tires received from companies to be retreaded are brought to our factory and downloaded to the site.

2. FIRST CONTROL The tires that have been downloaded to the site are taken into the plant for the initial inspections. With the help of the inspection machine, the inner and outer parts of a tire are checked by turning the bead portion upwards. As a result of this inspection, it is determined whether the tire has defects and it can be retreaded or not.

3. LATHE The lathe process of the tire which is placed into the machine begins after the necessary control operations are finished…

4. REPAIR AND CLEANING INJURED The cleaning operations of the tires are made to make them ready for treating the injured areas existed inside and outside.

5. CEMENTING The tires whose lathing and injury cleaning operations are made are cemented. (Cementing which is rubbed onto the tires provides holding for the rubber to remain on the tire.)

6. CRATER FILLING The cracks and injuries on the tires whose cementing operations is over are filled by being injected rubber via the assist of the filling machine.

7. BUILDING Building to the tires which get out of the filling operations is carried out via the injection system in automatic machines.

8. AUTOCLAVE The tires whose back is wrapped are placed into the autoclaves, the automatic cover is closed and the combining of the tire with rubber is obtaıned in the autoclave where 140 ºC steam is released.

9. TREAD SHAPER The tires which are taken out from either the autoclave or the mould are inspected and cleaned.

10. TIRES CLEANING Gerek otoklavdan gerekse kalıplardan çıkan lastikler kontrol edilerek temizlenir.

11. FORWARDING The retreaded tires or the tires which are not suitable for retreading are sent back to the customer.